sábado, 22 de agosto de 2009

Jessica fabus - On My Own (REMIXES) [ADM Records] 2009

On My Own ( REMIXES )

Written by Sammy Zone and Carlos Berrios
Produced By Carlos Berrios

* Remix By Adrian Alexander
** Remix By Guiseppe D.
*** Remix By Nathan Cruz

01. On My Own ( Adrian Alexander Remix ) 6:45
02. On My Own ( Giuseppe D. Remix ) 5:03
03. On My Own ( J. Nathan Cruz Remix ) 4:13
04. On My Own ( Giuseppe D. Radio ) 3:26

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das antrolas até hôje não fizerão nada que barre nosso ritimo MIAMI , Freestyle , Funk Americano um abração pra todos os meus irmão Dj

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